#90 Do I Pack A Parka or Swim Trunks?

If you are flying to Florida through Detroit, you should pack both.

Making holiday travel plans while in crisis is no gift.

Planning for travel during the holidays takes brain power. For the person-in-crisis, that brain power is being used up by emotional hardship.  Your brain power, while holiday stressed, is not nearly as taxed.

Offer  to help them pack so they have those mittens or swimsuit even though they can’t remember if they packed them.

They may be resistant at first, saying they have it under control.

Be intrepid. Point out although they have done it many times before, this time is not like other times.

Let them know if they need a little help with making decisions about what to pack or how much of it, you are offering your sounding board, great-packer skills.

A person in crisis often doesn’t see how “in-crisis” they are.  Sometimes it takes a gentle (or not) push for them to see that it will be easier if you help.

Offer more than once!  One offer DOES NOT SINK IN.  Be fearless and consistent. Remember, your offering will make it easier for them to ask you for something else.

Helping a friend with cancer can be as easy as “I think you may need more than one pair of underwear for your trip.”



©  2011 Kim Hamer

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