#87 Help Take Down the Decorations

The Holidays have passed and yet the tree or the menorah or the lights are still up.

After the holidays comes —  the clean up. For the person in crisis, with the end of the festive season often comes the reality that the person they love is still sick or not here.


Offer to help them take down their  holiday decorations.

The post-holiday blues affect many of us, but can be pretty harsh for those in crisis.  Life goes back to normal except that their lives are a new normal that is not very pleasant.

Putting the decorations back in the box after Art died was like another smack in the face. Nope, he’s not coming back. It made me feel the loss that much more deeply.                             Kim, Los Angeles.

And be sure to bring a box of tissues…just in case.



©  2011 Kim Hamer

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